Friday, July 10, 2015

I Am A Satisfied Pentecostal

"He shall baptize you with the
Holy Ghost and with fire," Luke 3:16.
I have seen too many things that contradict the modern concept of CHURCH for me to believe that the contemporary Church is doing the right thing. I can never be a part of a non-Pentecostal "church." I know better. I have seen the supernatural power of God manifested in the Church in a way that is almost never seen today. I will give you a short list of them.

For example:
  • I have seen preachers so powerfully anointed with the Word of God and by the Holy Ghost in them that as they preached, men and women and children spontaneously stood and came quickly, sometimes running, to kneel and pray at an altar where they began to weep profusely in remorse and regrets for their sins. They left the meeting profoundly changed, profoundly convicted of their former ways, and determined to radically change their ways and live a holy, godly life.
  • I have seen people by the hundreds weeping loudly in prayerful travail for God to come among them and manifest His glory.
  • I have seen the Holy Ghost fall on a crowd of people so powerfully that almost every person in the building spoke in tongues for an extended period of time - some weeping, some rejoicing, some leaping, some dancing, some running.
  • I have seen elderly men, some in their seventies and eighties, running laps around the Church building because they we so moved by the preached Word of God.
  • I have seen elderly women, even in their eighties, weeping loudly, speaking in tongues, and worshiping God for long periods of time - ten minutes, twenty minutes and longer - with hands raised, tears flowing.
  • I have been in congregations of hundreds of young people when the Holy Ghost fell and most of them were filled with the Holy Ghost, and spoke in tongues for long periods of time.
  • I have seen the Holy Ghost fall on a congregation of young people, and dozens of them were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues. Some prayed in the Spirit for hours. Some had to be carried from the meeting late at night, still speaking in tongues.
  • I have on multiple occasions, witnessed people speaking in an unknown tongue, when someone else recognized both the language and the message they were speaking, and in every case it was a profound and supernatural message to the person who understood it.
  • I have had been in services where the presence of God was so manifest that people could visibly see a cloud of smoke.
  • I have seen angels walking the aisles of a Church sanctuary, immediately followed by an outpouring of the Holy Ghost in which dozens of people came to repentance, baptism in Jesus' name, and filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues. 
  • I have had people tell me that they saw fire on the roof of the Church as they drove by, and they came inside to find a Holy Ghost prayer meeting going on.
  • I have seen healings and miracles that defy all medical explanations. For example...
    • Fevers and infections INSTANTLY healed after anointing with oil, and prayer by the laying on of hands.
    • A man with a cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit wrapped around his spine, instantly healed, tumor disappeared after prayer by the laying on of hands.
    • A 10-year-old girl, blind due to multiple illnesses, instantly healed with 20/20 vision. Glaucoma vanished.
    • An acute case of shingles on a ~50 year-old woman, bed-fast for weeks, scabs from her waist to her feet, healed overnight, scabs fell off, skin completely healed.
    • An infant girl, less than one-year-old, covered in pox-like sores from head to toe, tested and treated in three different hospitals over 90-days with no improvement, healed OVERNIGHT after prayer - completely new, fresh skin by morning.
    • A teen-age boy, wounded in the shin of his leg, treated unsuccessfully for several weeks by a wound specialist, healed overnight following a prophetic word.
    • A retired couple whose home was in foreclosure, in need of $41,000 within 48-hours, after prayer, received a phone call from a long-lost son, from whom they had not heard in more than seven years. He informed them that he had just sent them $45,000.
    • And countless other miracles in a lifetime of supernatural miracles.
I have seen God do so many miraculous things in my life, HOW COULD I EVER BE SATISFIED WITH DEAD RELIGION?

How could I go to a Church that does not preach and practice the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues?

How could I go to a Church that does not practice prayer, and laying on of hands for the sick?

I could I ever be satisfied with anything but an Apostolic, Pentecostal, Holiness Church?

I cannot. I must not. I will not.

The entire EARLY CHURCH was Pentecostal. That is what I will be.
No apologies. No compromise. In Jesus' name.