Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Temple Deniers - Those Who Say Solomon's Temple Never Existed

God called Abraham to Mount Moriah where he was to build an altar and offer Isaac. God sent an angel and redeemed Isaac that day. Today, Islamic authorities deny that Abraham was ever there. They deny that he offered Isaac, but insist that he blessed Ishmael instead. They deny that David ever pitched the Tabernacle on Mount Moriah, or that Solomon ever built the Holy Temple there. They deny that the infant Jesus was dedicated there, or that He drove out the moneychangers from the Temple, or that the Apostles preached or performed miracles there.

Instead, they demand that Mohammed ascended into heaven from that rock, although not one word of it is even written in their Koran. They claim that Mohammed tied his horse to the Western Wall, and that the entire site belongs forever to Islam. Their Dome of the Rock is built on top of it, and Jews are forbidden from visiting the rock, or from praying or worshiping on their most holy and beloved site.

But in much the same manner as Muslims vehemently supplant ancient Truth with their denials, new pseudo-Christian "ministries" are also overlaying true New Testament Christianity with an altogether false version of Christianity.

A thousand new-fangled doctrines and lifestyles not found in the Bible are the building blocks of their false churches. With their hyper-grace, once-saved-always-saved, success-prosperity, human-potential, positive-thinking, anti-Pentecostal, anti-holiness, sports-and-entertainment-centered, flesh-pleasing junk, they have built their own Dome of the Rock in place of the authentic Biblical, Oneness, Apostolic, Pentecostal, tongue-talking, Acts 2:38, Jesus' name, holy, separated living, preaching, praying Church.

The whole matter is creating an epic conflict between lovers of Biblical Christianity and lovers of pseudo-Christianity. Just as Islamic "Temple Deniers" utterly deny that Israel has any right or historical link to the site, so these modern pseudo-Christians deny that Christianity has anything to do with old-time religion, and defiantly hijack Christianity-at-large to institutionalize their passionately-fabricated, self-serving lies.

But hard-headed denial cannot and does not change the Truth. This pernicious denial of Biblical truth is going to fuel an escalating war between the two parties until Jesus comes.

For my part, I am determined to stand for the ancient New Testament doctrines and teachings. I will not tolerate a lie. I will declare the truth of God's Word regardless of how many people accuse me of "legalism," "traditions of men," "Phariseeism," or worse. I have studied this matter forward and backwards, and I know very well what the New Testament Church looked and acted like, and exactly what they believed. I have spent tens of thousands of hours in this Holy Book, and my whole lifetime practicing what I preach. I refuse to consent to a modernized, popularized, plagiarized, carnal, worldly substitute. It is NOT the True Church, and it cannot save your eternal soul. It's an imposter.

Let the liars lie all they want. I know the Truth, and I will believe it and stand for it until I die. Judgment Day is coming, and God knows the Truth, too. I'm staying on His side. It is the only right thing to do.