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Don't Let A Christian Make You An Unbeliever

(Note: I discovered this article among my grandparents' old papers. I wrote and published this article in July, 1995. The counsel of this article is even more valuable today than then.)

Don't Let A Christian
Make You An Unbeliever
by Ken Raggio

Even if there was not one true Christian left in the world, GOD is still real! As long as there have been people, there have been failures. But the failures of men have never killed God. Nor will they ever!

The most basic component of success with God is FAITH. Even if you don't have faith in anybody else, you can have faith in God. People may be phony, but God is not.

When you and I stand before God at judgment, there will be no excuses allowed for the way other people were. At the very heart of the issue is my faith or lack of faith in God. "He that cometh to God must believe that HE IS, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."

As far as God is concerned, you and I are completely independent of each other in terms of our responsibility to Him. What you do cannot save me, and what I do cannot save you. One of the most valuable discoveries I ever made was that God wrote my name in the book of life and only He can remove it. I can't write your name in it, and I can't take it out. Only you can save or destroy yourself.

What do Christians do that causes one to lose faith?

Christians sometimes do not live the way God called them to live.

This fact is nothing new. The entire Bible is filled with stories of men and women whose lives were stained with failure. Go throughout the list - - - Moses was a murderer and a disobedient leader. Abraham doubted God would give him a son of his wife Sara, so he took her handmaiden and bore a child by her. David stole another man's wife then had that man killed in battle. Even the great prophet Elijah succumbed to fear of the evil woman Jezebel, instead of trusting God. The Apostle Peter denied his association with Jesus, swearing with an oath. And the list is endless of men and women who committed minor infractions against the perfect will of God. Yet the scripture is careful to teach that if we sin, we have an advocate in Jesus, and if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive all our unrighteousness. You must be forgiving of other people's failures, too.

If a Christian sins, and does NOT repent, however, we are inclined to be stumbled by their bad example. This too is wrong. Whether or not the Christian corrects his error is between him and God. Though all men fail, Jesus never fails. If you are following men, and men fail, you will fail. But if you follow Jesus, He will never give you an occasion to stumble. So stop looking at others and look at Jesus. He as always been the ONLY way, no matter what!

Christians sometimes do wrong to others. 

This is only a variation of the first reason. If a Christian will do wrong before God, why wouldn't he do wrong before you? (Are you more worthy of respect than God?) Remember - if men betrayed Jesus, they will also betray you. So what's new? Again, get your eyes off men, and get them on HIM. It would seem that if you first study the scriptures, and learn the way that is really right, then you will be well-founded in proper behavior, and will not be seriously hindered by people who err.

Why should you not allow a Christian
to make an unbeliever out of you?

Your eternal soul is worth more
than any disenchantment with others.

For the sake of your eternal salvation, be bigger than the offender. If a prominent Christian, even a leader, lets you down, look beyond their failure and see that no matter what happens to him or her, you must not fail. None of the horror stories change the ultimate fact: Heaven and Hell are real, and it will be a personal tragedy of tragedies if you do not make your entrance into the kingdom of Heaven. If a sinner or a backslider or a hypocrite gets in your way, just go around them and don't look back. God will deal justly with the phony. Just you make sure all is well with YOUR soul! After all, Jesus said that many of the first would be last, and the last will be first. It just may be that you will end up with a wonderful reward that could have belonged to the one who failed if they had only persevered as you did.

In the long run, you will recognize how important it is
to be faithful regardless of others' performance.

If you are honest with yourself, you know that you too have faults. Yet you would not want anyone else to stumble because you are only human. You would surely encourage others to look at Jesus and not at your mistakes. and finally, if you really mean business with God, you will undoubtedly correct every mistake as quickly as you can so that there will be nothing between you and your Savior on Judgment Day. Let's not spend our days stumbling over one another's mistakes. Let us focus again and again on the prize of eternal life, and strive for the mastery at any cost. For above all else... I MUST BE SAVED!

Be in Church this week!

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