Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kim Davis Met The Devil

Kim Davis, Standing For
Her Godly, Biblical Beliefs
Is there anyone out there who would be willing to defend Kim Davis in a major media interview?

If not, that demonstrates how the media is silencing its opposition: US!

The media - under the influence, if not control, of rabid homosexual activists - is now aggressively TERRORIZING Christians. Kim Davis has met the Devil face to face.

She is not the first one, and she won't be the last one. The militant gaystapo is coming after all of us. They won't stop until every anti-gay voice has shut up or is in prison. If you don't think Moses knew what he was talking about - that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION to GOD - you are in a self-induced coma. If you don't think that Sodom and Gomorrah was God's violent and fiery judgment against homosexuality, you are in foolish denial. If you don't think that the Apostle Paul was clearly referring to homosexuals when he spoke of those whom God has given over to a REPROBATE mind, you have chosen willful ignorance over divine revelation.

Homosexuality is not a God-given right. It is a demon-possessed transgression against God. The vast majority of the members of the gaystapo are rabid, foul-mouthed atheists. I deal with them just about every day on my social media platforms. I have deleted and blocked as many as 125 of them in one day, and commonly block a dozen of them at a time. They are vicious, more hateful than any of those they accuse of being haters, incendiary, threatening, and vile. Most of their social media pages are flooded with obscenities, profanities, pornographic images, frequent witchcraft imagery, and predominantly atheistic boasts and dares.

It is NOT WRONG for Christians to oppose the homosexual agenda. It is vital that we do. But be warned. It is no longer a silent resistance. If you say ONE WORD - you are a target. We Christians are going to have to do some brutal soul searching as to how far we are willing to go to stand for the Word of Almighty God. I am certain that Kim Davis never dreamed how much her stand would eventually cost her. And I am sure that I do not really realize how much my personal stand for God and Truth will eventually cost me.

There is nothing I can do to stop anyone from choosing or living such a lifestyle, but I am DUTY-BOUND as a Christian and as a God-called preacher of the Gospel to make HIS PATHS STRAIGHT; to preach the pure, unadulterated Word of God to my generation. It may cost me more than I am prepared to pay, but I must either take God's side in the matter, or shrink down into cowardice and shameful equivocation.

I cannot do that. I must not. I will not.

We should pray for Kim Davis and all of her kind. She could not possibly have known all the ramifications and complications of her stand, but she followed her conscience and her godly, Biblical, sacred convictions, and I applaud her. She needs and deserves our prayers, moral support, and probably our financial support as well.

See: Christians and the Gay Agenda

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