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Pope Francis at the U.N. - What Did He Say?

Pope Francis speaking to the United Nations
I am writing this on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Pope Francis has been in America all week. He spoke at the White House, at the Capitol to a Joint Session of Congress and to the entire world, at the United Nations to the General Assembly, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, at Madison Square Gardens, in Philadelphia at Congress Hall, and in several other venues. At 78 years old, his stamina was utterly remarkable.

I had anticipated writing a summary article of the Popes speeches while he was here. But the Pope has evermore put me to the task. His speeches were no run-of-the-mill speeches. They are not easily commented on. Virtually every one of his speeches were loaded for bear hunting. I had anticipated that his speeches would shake the world, but I never dreamed he would be so aggressive, so in-your-face, so iron-fisted, so revolutionary.

I am aware that many who read this will disagree on that point, possibly to the point of fury. Nevertheless, I will make my case.

The crowds have swooned to this Pope like other crowds have swooned to Michael Jackson, and before him, Elvis Presley. Pope Francis could have said ANYTHING and the crowds would have cheered him. He could have sold their souls to the devil, and they would have kissed his feet.

Tragically, that is just about exactly what he did, and they didn't even know it.

Unfortunately, I cannot summarize his speeches right here and right now. Again, I say, "The Pope has put me to the task." His speeches remind me of U.S. military tactics of the Vietnam War: carpet bombing! The Pope carpet bombed America. He dropped a blanket of bombs with such a fast and furious pace that few people really knew what hit them. We have been rendered speechless.

Maybe you didn't hear them, but I did. I have been studying the Roman Catholic Church for decades, as well as the World Government, the New World Order, the Jesuits, and this whole push toward a One World Government. Because of that, I am keen to hear and discern a lot of things that the average man on the street is not likely to hear. And therein lies the problem. I cannot comment briefly on this week. It is going to take some time.

Therefore, I am going to take the next few days to download the full text of all his speeches, and comb carefully through each of them. Then I will organize his major talking points and analyze them in the light of Bible prophecies and all things scriptural and godly. When I am done, I will have produced, as it were, a mini-encyclical, much on the pattern of the Pope's own treatments of major subjects, only in less words.

MEANWHILE, to prepare you for what I will be saying, I have extracted a few critical pages from my book, THE DANIEL PROPHECIES - GOD'S PLAN FOR THE LAST DAYS, for you to consider.

Before I can effectively show you the powerful and dangerous things that Pope Francis has said to us this week, it is imperative that you get a better understanding of exactly who and what the Roman Catholic Church is, and its correlation with the United Nations, the United States, and the soon-to-come One World Government.

Therefore, I submit to you here several pages of rich-content observations. I pray that you will take the time both to read, to study, and to contemplate these few pages. I suppose that many of you will never be the same after you come to the knowledge of what I will show you here.

Within the next few days, I will publish another article, more direct and hard-hitting on the subject of all the Pope had to say to the United States and to the world this week. Until then, I ask you to prayerfully consider these excerpts from THE DANIEL PROPHECIES.

HERE ARE SOME THINGS FOR YOU TO CONSIDER BEFORE I POST an analysis of Pope Francis' speech at the UN and other U.S. venues.


In world politics, the Vatican has the most sophisticated diplomatic corps in the world, with a field staff of Papal envoys (Nuncios, or Vatican ambassadors) operating in almost every country on earth.

Catholics-Jesuits in the United Nations

Not the least of Rome’s powerful diplomatic venues is that of Permanent Observer to the United Nations, where the Pope and his delegates speak frequently to premium audiences of kings and presidents in the U.N. podium - the only global religious figure with such access to the plenary sessions of the U.N. General Assembly.

Joseph S. Rossi, a Jesuit, wrote two books, American Catholics and the Formation of the United Nations, and Uncharted Territory: The American Catholic Church at the United Nations, in which he documents the early, powerful roles of Catholics in the formation and day-to-day operations of the United Nations.

In the pre-U.N. Charter days of April, 1945, Archbishop John J. Mitty organized three services in the San Francisco Civic Center in which 40,000 people heard Fulton Sheen, the priest of TV and radio fame, speak on The Moral Basis of Peace. Sheen’s sermon was picked up by the national media. Days later, 15,000 U.N. celebrants attended a Solemn Pontifical Mass to hear a 1,000-voice children’s choir, and Archbishop Mitty “declare that by the providence of God the United Nations charter conference was being held ‘in the city of St. Francis… the saint of universal love.’” (Joseph Samuel Rossi, American Catholics and the Formation of the United Nations, University Press, 1993, p. 76.)

Catholics LOVE the U.N.

Mitty closely monitored and schmoozed with hundreds of Catholics who were delegates from nations all over the world.

Rossi documented the role of Catherine Schaeffer, Director of the National Catholic Welfare Office, in the early days of the U.N. She worked tirelessly to penetrate the U.N. organizational structure, especially the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), literally convincing U.N. officials to allow Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs to gain observer status.

Subsequently, she skillfully established many Catholic NGOs inside the ECOSOC and other U.N. agencies. Schaeffer’s Catholic efforts at the U.N. in those early years set many precedents for future Catholic roles in the U.N. Schaeffer worked “to increase international Catholic leverage at the United Nations,” and “to oppose NGO status for organizations whose tenets were contrary to the teachings and principals of the Roman Catholic Church and the directives of the pope.” (Joseph Samuel Rossi, Unchartered Territory: The American Catholic Church at the United Nations, 1946-1972, CUA Press, 2006, p. 12.)

That was more than 60 years ago. Have no doubt that at the international level, i.e., inside the United Nations, Catholic-Jesuits are still very hard at work, exerting the maximum influence in every venue of any significance. In 1982, U.N. Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller reported that no less than twenty-four powerful Catholic NGOs operated inside the U.N. (Robert Muller, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, 1982, Chapter 6.)

Today, there are 87 Catholic NGOs in the U.N., and many more coming. (Kevin Ahern, The Role of International Catholic Organizations in Promoting the Gospel in the “Community of Nations,” International Movement of Catholic Students, p. 5.)

Neither should you have any doubt that at the national, state and local levels, Catholic-Jesuits are also hard at work in every single venue of any significance, both in and outside of governments, in the U.S. and in every nation on earth. You would be AGHAST if you knew how much.

Why are these secular, historical facts Biblically significant?

Because the events I have described to you [in previous chapters of THE DANIEL PROPHECIES] chronicle the activities of the four prevailing spirits of this age - The Four Horsemen of Zechariah 6 and Revelation 6: Catholicism, Communism, Capitalism and Islam. ALL FOUR of those spirits are under the command of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus.

The Black Pope, sitting at the highest echelon of power on earth, is ruled by the ancient, evil Spirit of Rome, who is ruled by Lucifer.

These are the spirits that will precipitate forty-two months of Hell-on-earth that Jesus and the Hebrew prophets warned us about thousands of years ago. These spirits will be the perpetrators of the Final Solution, the Grand Inquisition, or otherwise known as the Great Tribulation that will come upon the whole earth, spoken of by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24.

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In September of 2005, I attended the United Nations World Summit, which was the largest conclave of kings, presidents, prime ministers, sheikhs, princes, and other heads of state IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! 153 heads of state gathered for most of a week at the UN headquarters. Naturally, many things could be said about such an event, but ONE notable feature of that Summit was the extremely high security.

I stayed at the giant Ramada Inn at JFK airport in New York (which has since been razed), and took the subway to the UN each day. That hotel was also the headquarters for over 200 Secret Service agents who were in town for the event. (I felt very safe that week!) Outside, a giant parking lot, the size of a typical Walmart parking lot, was FULL of black suburbans and limos with dark glass, and outfitted with the highest-tech security and communications devices. And that was only the Secret Service. For at least ten blocks around the UN, thousands of police were stationed every few feet. Giant dump trucks filled with sand were parked at intersections, blocking access to forbidden streets, surrounded by police cruisers and dozens of cops on foot. Security blimps and balloons hovered in the skies above the UN Headquarters, and armored Coast Guard cutters cruised up and down the East River, carefully watching over the vast complex.

Long lines of journalists were required to have UN "passports" which had been approved months in advance, and upon arrival, marched slowly through a big-top tent that was set up outside, and filled with every kind of scanner and security device imaginable to screen every person who entered. Police dogs sniffed every package and bags going through the line, and purses and pockets were emptied for police inspection.

Upon entering the building, additional checkpoints were set up for additional screening at every security level. If I remember correctly, there were reportedly 4,000 police stationed in the immediate vicinity of the UN headquarters as the motorcades of heads of state from around the world entered the compound and deposited their powerful passengers..

BUT - that was nothing!!

POPE FRANCIS is coming to Washington DC and New York City in a few days, and the press (NBC) is reporting that HIS SECURITY detail will be larger than anything ever seen in the United States. "Dan Bongino, who worked with the Secret Service for over two decades, acknowledged the task ahead of them. [He said] 'It is the largest security operation that I think we are ever going to see.'"

The POPE demands more security than all the kings and presidents in the world COMBINED!…/pope-francis-visit-to-bring-abo…/

Think about that. Big Brother is coming out of the closet. Those mystics who are adept at the Luciferic mysteries (such as Madam Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley) would have seen this as "The Externalization of the Hierarchy." It is the unveiling and revealing of Satan's long-held-secret master of Hell's treacherous, diabolical world government.

Don't forget that as far back as 800 AD, the Popes, wearing their Triple Tiara crowns, crowned the Emperors of Europe (the "Holy Roman Empire") for a thousand years. The Popes have established themselves for many centuries now as the King of Kings!

An article published just days ago by a high-ranking Catholic cleric posited that Pope Francis would be appearing before the UN General Assembly as "the Father and Pastor of the World."

But I am going to best the cleric by saying that Pope Francis is coming to town as representative of the office of the very prophesied FALSE PROPHET of Revelation 13.

Is Francis the FALSE PROPHET of Revelation 13? I cannot say for sure. He will be 79 in December. He has one lung and a bad back. He has said that if his health begins to fail, he will resign and allow another to take his office. And in light of Daniel's prophecies concerning "Daniel's Seventieth Week," the real False Prophet will be in power when Jesus returns to destroy him at Armageddon. That means that Francis would have to stay in power until he is AT LEAST 86 years old to fulfill that prophecy. Therefore, I must allow for the possibility that there may yet be another pope.

Nevertheless, the PAPAL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and it is HE who gives power to the FIRST BEAST - the European-based world government. When all the facts are out, and all the cards are on the table, we will be forced to realize that the Roman Catholic Church rules the world today.

And that is a pill that most people refuse to swallow.

But ready or not, every single one of us are going to have to swallow that pill.

As the Master of Mystery Babylon of Revelation 16-18, the Pope is the highest ranking evil man on earth. They call him "The Holy FATHER," an appellation that Almighty God explicitly reserved for Himself - in writing.

"And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven," Matthew 23:9. In fact, Jesus Himself is the rightful owner of that title, as it was ascribed to Him by the prophet Isaiah. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, THE EVERLASTING FATHER..." Isaiah 9:6. Jesus is the bodily incarnation of the Everlasting Father.

Pope Francis will revel in the world's attention for the next few days, and in the next few years, he will enjoy an explosion of power and influence among men and nations. And tragically, hundreds of millions of gullible, vulnerable, Biblically-ignorant "believers" will venerate him as the Vicar "stand-in" for Christ. But he is not Christ's stand-in. He is Satan's stand-in. And not long after the Pope has administered the long-prophesied Mark of the Beast - but too late to do anything about it - the world will realize that it has been sold into the inescapable damnation and torments of eternal fire and brimstone.

"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six," Revelation 13:15-18.

"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name," Revelation 14:9-11.

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