Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fake Rolex Christians

I know a man who goes to New York occasionally to buy "knock-off" watches. He has sources who provide him with look-alike watches of some of the most expensive, high-end watches anywhere.

Some of these watches, if you bought the authentic version, would cost many thousands of dollars. I saw a fake not long ago that was virtually indistinguishable from a $30,000 watch.

People can buy fake watches on the streets of NYC for $49.

The fakes are actually quite impressive. It is not unlikely that they will work excellently for a long time. Unless you have above-average knowledge of watches, it is nearly impossible to know for sure whether it is the real deal or a fake. About 30-40 MILLION fake watches are manufactured yearly, mostly in China.

It is no wonder that they sell like hot-cakes.

Nobody knows that although the OUTSIDE of the watch looks identical, the INSIDE of the watch is not manufactured to the same exacting standards. You can expect that when the fake one breaks down, that is the end of it. Nobody even knows who the manufacturer is. There is no warranty. You can forget getting a refund. Enjoy it while you can, because when it is over, it's over. It is disposable.

But for a few dollars, it has its temporal value, and for the feel-good experience, a lot of people think its a good value.

People buy CHEAP RELIGION for the same reason they wear FAKE ROLEXES. 

They don't want to pay the price!

Unfortunately, a lot MORE people have FAKE RELIGION than wear FAKE ROLEXES.

They go to Church, but it isn't a real Church.  

Sure, on the OUTSIDE, it looks like a real Church. It has a big nice building. There are lots of cars in the parking lot. They have a nice sign on it that says "Church." It may have fabulous music, and fascinating lectures. And most people who go there have no clue that it isn't a real Church.

They don't realize that INSIDE, its doctrine is not Biblical. They don't realize that the only TRUE CHURCH has to be made by the Acts 2 model.

They don't realize that going to a fake Church WILL NOT SAVE their eternal souls. They are being duped. When this short-term religion breaks down, it's over. Nobody knows who the manufacturer is, and nobody can fix it.

Not even God Himself will warranty it.

If they don't clearly teach the doctrines that the Apostles taught, they are not an Apostolic Church.

If they don't baptize the way the Apostles baptized, it is not an Apostolic Church. Almost 300 years after the early Church was born, the Roman Catholic Church outlawed Jesus' name baptism as it had been practiced for hundreds of years.  

They reformulated baptism, DELETING the name of Jesus, and using only titles - even going so far as to TAMPER with the Biblical TEXT of Matthew 28:19. Here is the evidence:

In the EARLIEST known existing versions of Matthew 28:19, early Church patriarch Eusebius quoted it saying, "Go ye and make disciples of all the nations in the name of Christ..." That was quoted EIGHTEEN TIMES by Eusebius in his writings between 290-339 AD.

So, the OLDEST versions of Matthew 28:19 do NOT say "of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." THAT rendering, using only TITLES and not the NAME of Jesus, first appeared at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. It was formulated and written by Catholic theologians, not by the original Apostles or Jesus Christ Himself.

Furthermore, and more significantly, the Roman Catholic Church condemned as HERETICS the multitudes of Jesus' name baptized Early Church saints (although Jesus' name baptism was the ORIGINAL formula, and up to that time had been the predominate form of baptism). Their homes and properties were confiscated, and most of them were killed.

The Roman Catholic Church MURDERED the authentic Acts 2:38 Church, and replaced it with an imposter!

The Roman Catholic Church was the first to produce "fake Rolexes."

Moreover, if the modern Church does not preach and practice the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues, it is not a real Apostolic Church.

It's a fake Rolex.

One more comment: Since the TRUE Apostolic, Pentecostal, Jesus' name Church was built by Jesus Christ, you should take note that the FAKE CHURCH will be judged violently by Jesus Christ when He returns, according to the prophecies of Revelation 17-18. You NEED to know these things.

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