Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Time For A Change

Christianity at large has almost completely abandoned its historic teachings about holiness, piety, and separation from the world and its ways. Almost all of the ancient landmarks have been permanently removed. The old paths have been forsaken and forgotten. Most modern Christians have no knowledge of the old paths or the ancient landmarks. Preachers are traveling the world's freeway at breakneck speeds.

The modern church's identity is more associated with and anchored to the world and its ways than ever before. The original, authentic, New Testament, Apostolic, Pentecostal, Holiness model is almost totally forgotten. The appearance, sound, and spirit is almost completely indistinguishable from the world's. They both look and act just alike.

Hype and artificial excitement have replaced the glory of the Lord. Ichabod is its name.

That will never do.God will not work His wonders in such an environment, as He once worked among consecrated, separated Christians in the past. 

Fleshly entertainment and raw adrenaline are repulsive, noxious substitutes for the true fire of the Holy Ghost and the dynamic authority of the Word of God.

Pentecostal doctrines and experience are rarely articulated and practically non-existent in most churches. Teachers teach human-potential, self-actualization, and dream-your-own-dream. Human talent and ingenuity has replaced supernatural power. The sacrificial life is rejected. Self-fulfillment is the new norm.

This is not progress. It is apostasy. 


It is time for preachers and musicians to stop modeling rock stars and sports celebrities, and start acting like holy men and women of God. 

It's time for Christians to walk out on carnally-minded preachers and musicians. Ask for the old paths. Purge the pulpit of ALL things secular. Demand that the Church and its leaders be what they ought to be. Stop supporting these handsome but ravening wolves.

IT'S TIME for men to take the lead, and be truly godly leaders.
IT'S TIME for women to submit to their husbands.
IT'S TIME for fathers to discipline their children.
IT'S TIME to throw away clothes that are too sexy, too swag or too culturally-hip, and fall in love with ultra-modesty, for GOD's sake.
IT'S TIME for men to act and dress masculine, and for women to act and dress feminine. The unisex look has GOT to go.

IT'S TIME to read the Bible every day - the King James Bible, not other versions that have been shown to be doctrinally corrupt, erroneous and misleading.
IT'S TIME to bring back REAL fasting (doing totally without food), REAL prayer (where men weep between the porch and the altar), and REAL Holy Ghost fire (speaking in tongues, supernatural gifts of the Spirit, signs, wonders and miracles) and fearless, thunderous, pure and unadulterated preaching of God's Word.

That would be A START in the right direction.

Hopefully, at that point, God would have our full attention, and would take us onward and upward toward a more glorious Church than the world knows today.

BUT IF NOT, the day will soon come when true seekers will not be able to find a true Church where they can find eternal salvation for their sinful souls. In many places, that is already the case. God help us all.

- - -

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