Friday, August 7, 2015

Twisting Scriptures


I have seen virtually every imaginable false doctrine "PROVEN" by its proponents.

If you want to be gay, you can "prove" that the Bible says nothing about gay.
If you don't want to pay your tithes, you can "prove" that tithing does not appear in the New Testament.
If a woman wants to wear men's clothes, she can "prove" that her male pants are female.
If a preacher wants to drink alcohol, he can "prove" that the Bible approves of wine and alcohol.
If someone wants to commit adultery, they can find a "Biblical" way to justify it.
If you want to believe that the Church is going to be caught up in the rapture before the Great Tribulation, you can "prove" it with all kinds of exotic interpretations of scriptures.
If you want to go to a church that preaches false doctrines, you can twist and warp and disfigure just about anything you can think of in the Bible.

But there is a catch. The Bible is infallible. It is incontrovertible. It is concrete in every doctrine. There are not two versions of Truth. The Bible literally will NOT and DOES NOT support contradicting positions. Truth is either one way or the other, it cannot be BOTH.

It is quite easy to "PROVE" ANYTHING you want to believe, IF you only use one or two or three verses out of context. It is like forcing a piece of a puzzle into the wrong place. It may pass inspection temporarily, but when the ENTIRE PUZZLE is finally assembled, something is going to be shown to be out of place. The piece that is in the WRONG place is going to become conspicuously obvious. And before the puzzle can be truly finished, those pieces that are in the wrong place will HAVE TO BE MOVED into their right places.

One of the primary causes of false belief is IGNORANCE of God's Word. People read inspirational books and writings of all kinds of people who believe all kinds of things, and they think they know the WORD. But reading BOOKS is NOT the same as reading the BIBLE.

If you read the Bible enough times with enough prayer, fasting and due diligence, the BIBLE will only tell ONE TRUTH. The Bible will ultimately produce only ONE kind of Christian and ONE set of true doctrines.

There will NOT be a thousand co-equal, co-eternal denominations. There will be ONE CHURCH, and it will be Oneness, Apostolic, Acts 2:38 Pentecostal (speaking in tongues), with signs, wonders and miracles to follow, and a HOLY LIFESTYLE that clearly SEPARATES itself from the world and carnal, worldly living.

Sooner or later, every one of us are going to appear before the White Throne of Jesus Christ, and THE BOOKS OF GOD will be opened. Our TWISTED, WARPED and DISFIGURED interpretations of the scriptures are going to DIE THE DEATH. Tragically, the full, eternal consequences of our heresies will be meted out in that hour. Many who adamantly stood by their heresies will discover - oh, too late - that what they had cynically insisted were not "Heaven or Hell" issues, were indeed "Heaven or Hell" issues.

Now is the time to study the Word of God for yourself, and know that book thoroughly from Genesis to Revelation. The entire KJV Bible can be read in 70 hours, which means that ANYONE could easily ready the ENTIRE BIBLE fifty times in their 70 years on earth.

There will be NO EXCUSE for having misinterpreted scriptures on Judgment Day. God will NOT be grading on the curve. He will not be issuing passes for perversions. He will be judging every one of us for everything that we were and everything that we believed, based on His true and infallible WORD. We must KNOW it, accurately INTERPRET it, and LIVE BY IT, if we truly want to be saved for all eternity. Every heresy has the potential to send us to Hell.

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